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API®  We've Made Fish Care Easier.


API ® offers excellent products to accompany you throughout the life of your aquarium; water conditioners, fish care and plant care. We’ve made caring for your fish and aquarium easier with our great products and easy to follow guide.



Kordon® Premium Quality Pond & Aquarium Products.


For 50 Years Kordon has been providing premium quality aquarium and pond keeping products since 1961. Choose with confidence a wide range of aquatic products, including Kordon water conditioners and medications.



Seachem Just Add Water. We'll Do The Rest.


Seachem products have been and continue to be based on sound science. They now cover the full spectrum of aquarium requirements in freshwater, seawater, reefs, and ponds. They include buffers, conditioners, filtration media, medications, and test kits. Most of Seachem's products are totally unique and specific to Seachem.



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