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Acana® Biologically Appropriate™ Award Winning Dog & Cat Food.


Our mission represents a new standard in dog food, designed to nourish your dog in two ways. First, according to its natural evolution to a meat and protein-rich diet. Second, using meats, poultry, eggs and fish that are sustain-ably ranched, farmed or fished by local suppliers and delivered to our kitchens fresh each day.



BLUE® Dog Treats  Natural • Healthy • Delicious


If you're looking for the perfect reward for your furry friend, BLUE has the healthy

dog treats guaranteed to have them howling for more. We use only the tastiest natural ingredients in our truly drool-worthy crunchy baked biscuits, meaty morsels, dental

chews and more. They're the dog treats they love in healthy formulas you'll feel great about feeding.



Cloud Star® Wag More Bark Less®  All Natural, Wholesome Dog Treats.


Simply put, our customers expect the best because their pets deserve the best. Our line of Wag More Bark Less treats are made with just a few simple, all-natural ingredients, making them a great guilt-free indulgence. These wholesome oven-baked, soft-baked and soft & chewy treats come in 31 varieties — including grain-free options — that will keep your dog wagging for more.



Darford®  Oven Baked Treats Since 1987.


Since 1987, dog lovers have trusted Darford to provide tail-wagging goodness in our treats for dogs in all shapes and sizes. Darford treats are baked in our own ovens using carefully selected natural ingredients. You won't find corn, soy or other ingredients that you can't pronounce. And you'll never find any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives - and never any ingredients from China.



Get Naked®  Soft Treats


Functional Treats to meet specific health needs of dogs.

Get Naked® Soft Treats for dogs are a new addition to our Get Naked® line of treats for dogs and cats. They are grain-free and feature six distinct functions to help keep your dog healthy.



HeroDogTreats™  Dehydrated Dog Treats.


HeroDogTreats™ supports the Canadian Service Dog Foundation, employs military veterans, and contracts community living personnel. We do this to give back to the community. All of our products are single ingredient, and from government inspected suppliers. We like to say, what you see is what you get, a duck foot is a duck foot and a chickens foot a chicken’s foot. We guarantee that, “You HERO will love you for it!”



Northern™  Nutrition Of The North.


We search high and low for the freshest, food-grade meats and vegetables sourced from Canadian growers. Many of our fresh ingredients are grown within a couple of hours of our bakery. Our meats come in fresh and whole. Our flours are simply milled grains or root vegetables. Fresh, Local, Canadian.



Nutro®  The Natural Choice.


Reward your dog with our premium nutrition. We believe that natural foods are healthier, safer and tastier. NUTRO® Dog Biscuits and NUTRO® Crunchy Treats taste so good your dog won’t know how healthy they are. Our dog biscuits and dog treats are 100% natural with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.



Open Range Natural Pet Treats.


At Open Range, providing all natural products that contribute to your pets health, happiness and well being is our goal. All of our products contain no added hormones, animal by-products, preservatives or steroids.



Orijen®  Nourish As Nature Intended.


Made from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients in our award-winning kitchens here in Alberta, Canada, ORIJEN keeps your cherished dog or cat happy, healthy and strong — we guarantee it!



Petcurean SPIKE™  All Natural Dog Treats


Jerky treats made with all natural ingredients and zero by-products, added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.



Purebites® Pet Treats.


PureBites® are made using a delicate process called Freeze Drying which preserves the structural and nutritional integrity of fresh RAW food. Only water is removed, preserving all the characteristics and natural nutrition of RAW proteins. Try one of ten different 1 Ingredient RAW proteins to enjoy some of these great health benefits.



Rollover™  Premium Pet Food, LTD.


Dogs love Rollover dog food and treats because they are delicious; you can be assured that they are all-natural with minimum ingredients for the health of your pet.  Rollover dog food and treats contain NO bone meal, meat meal, artificial flavours, soy, fillers, or risk materials.





Sojos makes all-natural dog treats that are baked to perfection in the USA using human-quality sourced ingredients. All our treats are wheat and corn-free, healthy, tasty and affordable.



SPORTMiX® Pet Food.


The selected high-quality ingredients in each of our SPORTMiX® formulas deliver great taste, digestibility and 100% complete and balanced pet nutrition. This special balance of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals supplies the essential nutrients needed to promote strong muscles and bones and a glossy skin and coat.



Spot Farms™  Family Owned.


At Spot Farms we set out every day to make the best treats for your dog using the finest ingredients available. We partner with farm families across the country to bring you the very best regionally grown, antibiotic-free chicken, turkey and pork. We cook our treats using wholesome all natural, human grade ingredients* that are sourced in the US. We take a lot of pride in the treats we make and think your dogs will taste the difference!



Trumps™  Choice Rewards - A Low Calorie, Heart Smart Treat.


At Wodema every Trumps™ Choice Reward is crafted with fresh, food grade ingredients from federally inspected (CFIA) domestic suppliers. Each batch of freshly made Trumps™ Choice Rewards is carefully formulated to create optimum nutrition and taste for your pet. Trumps™ Choice Rewards are never warehoused in our factory. Wodema creates and ships Trumps™ Choice Rewards on demand giving your pet the freshest treats possible.



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